Martha Middleton - Artist
Please contact me before making a payment.  I will need to add 8.25% Texas sales tax (unless you provide me with an exemption certificate) and determine shipping & handling charges.
You will need to let me know how you want your painting shipped.  I recommend UPS or Fed-Ex.  You may choose ground shipment, overnight or any other option offered by the shipping company.
I will have the painting boxed in a secure container for shipment.  This will require a handling charge, but I will only pass along this cost, there is no charge for my handling. 
We also need to discuss whether or not you want your shipment insured.  If so, I will add that cost to your total.  If not, the risk of damage in shipping is yours.
All art is subjective and it is difficult to please everyone.  Offering to sell my work is hard for me because each piece has a part of me invested in it.  Once something sells, I will not accept it back.  That piece belongs to the buyer and I don't want it back, it's just too hard!  Please understand that all sales are final.  Please be sure all your questions are answered and you really want the piece before ordering it.
You can contact me using the "Contact Me" link to the right, send me an email at or call me at (325) 646-8389.
After I let you know the total, you have two options.  You can mail me a check, money order or cashiers check.  Or, you can click on the link below to start processing your payment through PayPal.  You will need to have a PayPal account to use this, but that is very easy to set up and you can then use a credit card.
After the payment has been posted to my account, I will ship your painting with many thanks from this grateful artist for your interest!