Martha Middleton - Artist
Painting allows the artist to express without words how he or she perceives the world and allows the art audience to project their perceptions as well. 
My favorite art professor, Maurine Stewart, used to say:  "If a painting evokes an emotion, however subtle or extreme, either positive or negative, then you have a successful painting."  She also said:  "Don't go out and paint something beautiful.  Go out and paint something beautifully."  Her philosophies about art have significantly shaped my artistic expression.
I am frequently asked "What do you paint"?  This is not a simple question for me to answer.  The challenges of different mediums and their potential and limitations create curiosity.  I find it very hard to render artistic expressions in a limited way so I paint with watercolors, pastel, charcoal, acrylics, inks and oils.  Though I do not have a favorite medium, I do prefer to paint narrative pieces.

Art is a form of storytelling in its different forms such as dance, music, literature, sculpture and painting.  An artist strives to invite the viewer into his or her perception of a particular place, time and subject.  In so doing, both artist and viewer connect at an emotional and sometimes spiritual level.  As an artist, it is my hope to present the viewer with something that is worthy of contemplation and thought.

The art that is shown in the gallery is a small portion of the art works that I have produced over the years, but they are presented so people visiting my website can have an idea of what I create.
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